Running the Chattanooga Film Festival is a truly massive undertaking each year and each year one of the biggest challenges our team faces is raising the funds to make next year’s festival happen. We pound the pavement year-round for sponsorships and grant opportunities, but even with our best efforts, we still have a long road to raising the funds we need to make CFF 2019 happen.

We want this festival to continue year after year, but in many ways its fate for 2019 and beyond is directly in the hands of YOU, our audience. We hope the cultural contribution we’ve made to the city of Chattanooga and to the film-festival-world-at-large over the last four years has meant as much to you guys as it has to us; that’s why we’re hoping you might have some interest in helping this rag-tag group of wacky, film-loving folk put on a celebration of all that is weird and wonderful. 

If we can make our goal it very literally means that CFF 2019 is saved and can continue for another year. We don’t wanna die and we’re hoping you won’t want us to either. Consider helping us out and/or sharing this post if you are able. We love you, we love film, and we love Chattanooga. Help us keep doing what we love.