Chattanooga Film Festival 2019: 5 Lucky Badgeholders Get to Have Dinner With Joe Bob Briggs!

Tennessee’s Chattanooga Film Festival is roaring back in 2019 with plans for some incredible titles as well as exciting events. The fest, which will run April 11 through 14, has been hailed as one of the 30 Bloody Best Genre Fests in the World for 2019 by Moviemaker Magazine, so you know this is one destination that should be on your list!

Today, at 6 pm EST, badges will go on sale for the fest and there are six different badge types, allowing people to choose how much they’re willing to spend and how many films they’d like to see. But here’s the kicker: the “Double Secret Deluxe” badge will not only include access to every film, party, and special event but will also include a seat at a table for an exclusive dinner with Joe Bob Briggs himself!

Now, that badge does come at quite a cost: $400. So if that’s a bit too steep, there are still five other badge options that range from $40 to $200. For more information, simply head on over to