[CFF 2019 Review] Sadistic Intentions

There was a time when metal was dangerous. Where, to paraphrase the words of Sadistic Intentions’ Stu (Jeremy Gardner), rockers wouldn’t just wring a dead cat on stage for effect but would do it offstage just to…see what comes out both ends. A grisly picture, for sure, but when faced with movies like Lords of Chaos and some of the violent and disturbing stories that have floated around the metal scene in its heyday, it’s not too surprising. Now, though, the genre (as reviewed again by Stu) is basically full of posers. The people who know how to scream and yell and strut on stage, but don’t embody the truth about the musical genre. But that’s not Stu and Kevin’s (Michael Patrick Nicholson) band, Morbid Annihilation. Oh no. They are the real deal.