Chattanooga Film Festival 2019 schedule

The Chattanooga Film Festival is just over a week away (April 11-14)!! Eric and I have been spending the last few episodes pre-gaming CFF by covering some highlights from previous years of CFF and discussing announcements for this year as they were released, including brief overviews of each of the films and events - and practically every single announcement only had us more and more excited!! But, now that the schedule for the weekend has been released, we are faced with some tough decisions... with an incredibly solid lineup of feature films, short films, live podcasts, workshops, presentations, and special events, putting together a personal schedule for the weekend is no easy task!! In this episode of The Gargyle Podcast, Eric and I work through our schedule for the weekend, discussing the films and events that we plan to attend and what some of the deciding factors are for us. Obviously, not everyone has the same taste in movies. So, for some people, the decision of which films to attend is not a difficult decision. But, if you are like Eric and myself and enjoy cinema in all of it's forms...and if trying to plan your time at CFF is giving you some mild (or major) anxiety... then hopefully our discussion will help you work through your personal schedule as well! And if you can only make it to just a few films and are trying to decide on the absolute best, listen to our previous episode where we interview Chris Dortch (director of Chattanooga Film Festival) and ask him which films he personally recommends as absolute "must see" films!! Also, there are plenty of free events and workshops as part of the Chattanooga Film Festival!!