Heavy Movie History Presents : Chattanooga Film Festival 2019 with Chris Dortch

Welcome to this special bonus episode of the podcast. For this episode this isn’t Heavy Metal History, its Heavy MOVIE History! As a lot of you regular listeners know, I really love films, especially horror films and an extension of those to things cross over into Heavy Metal, so I brought on Chris Dortch, the man who runs and puts together the Chattanooga Film Festival as well as Frightening Ass Film Fest every year here in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Chris takes us through all the films being shown as well as all the special guests including Joe Bob Briggs, Crispin Glover, Josh Lobo and Gary Sherman! This is a don’t miss festival and for the listeners of the podcast that aren’t in the area, hopefully this will put some amazing films on your radar to check out in the future.