Road to Chattanooga Film Festival 2019 - interview with Chris Dortch

Eric and I are super excited for tonight's episode, as we continue our pre-coverage of the Chattanooga Film Festival, because tonight we are joined by very special guest - Chris Dortch!! He's the director, creator, founder, maestro....whatever title you want to use... he is the reason that the Chattanooga Film Festival exists!! Among other things, Chris shares the story of what led to the creation of CFF. Hearing Chris talk about why he started CFF really is a testament to the love of cinema and the importance it plays in the lives of so many people. Also, Chris shares some details about some of the films and events...and even drops a hint or two about this year's Secret Screenings (as if we weren't already excited enough about this year's fest)!!!! It was an honor (and an absolute blast!!) talking to Chris Dortch!! If you have even remotely been considering attending the Chattanooga Film Festival this year, we hope that this episode will be the deciding factor that, yes, you do indeed need to go!!