Two Guys, a Girl, and a Baaaaaaad Situation (part 1) - Chattanooga Film Festival 2019

Tonight's set of Chattanooga Film Festival film reviews is part one of a two part series focusing on character driven horror movies where the weight of the film rests on the shoulders of the acting ability of a very small cast as they navigate their way through trauma and personal discovery. In other words, tonight's movies are about two guys, a girl, and a baaaaaaad situation!! While the cast might be small, our love for these films is not!! There is a LOT to talk about with the four films in this block (The Fare, I Trapped the Devil, Harpoon, and Sadistic Intentions) - even without delving too far into spoiler territory. There is so much to talk about, in fact, that Eric and I ended up needing to split our coverage of these films into two parts. So, join us in part one of our Two Guys, a Girl, and a Baaaaaaad Situation films, as we put in our two cents about The Fare (written by Brinna Kelly, directed by D.C. Hamilton, and staring Gino Anthony Pesi, Brinna Kelly, and Jason Stuart) and then wade through the darkness (both literal and metaphorical) of I Trapped the Devil (written and directed by Josh Lobo, staring Scott Poythress, A.J. Bowen, and Susan Burke)!!