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Your incredibly discerning taste in motion pictures and/or masterful Googling skills have brought you to the official headquarters for the Chattanooga Film Festival.

We hope this means you’ll be joining us April 5th-8th, 2018 for four days we’ve jam packed with great cinema, parties, workshops, panels, mayhem, memories and dammit, we’ll just say it, our patron saint, the mighty Joe Bob Briggs.

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Th April 5th - 7pm - 12am
Fr April 6th - 10am - 12am
Sa April 7th - 10am - 12am
Su April 8th - 10am - 9pm
Full Schedule TBA Soon!

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About the Chattanooga Film Festival

 Elijah Wood winning the Moonpie eating contest, CFF 2015

Elijah Wood winning the Moonpie eating contest, CFF 2015


The Chattanooga Film Festival loves everything about cinema: the films, filmmakers and audiences; the critics, collectors and curators; and most especially the popcorn. The first ever Chattanooga Film Festival was held in 2014, and has been quickly making a name for itself among film-lovers, filmmakers and the film industry. The festival’s record-breaking third year drew more than 12,000 people to its films, workshops and special events.

We share films and events that are unique, challenging, critically significant and a helluva lot of fun. We particularly love little films that feel like big films, because we like to think of Chattanooga as a small town with big ideas. Our ultimate goal is to remember, discover and cultivate cinema worthy of everyone’s love and respect. As always, CFF is proudly continuing its mission to “Respect Cinema,” in hopes of increasing film exhibition, education and production in the state of Tennessee.

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